Glorietta Bay

Glorietta Bay Anchorage

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Anchored in Glorietta Bay in the San Diego bay. Super protected, private beach, dinghy dock access, nearby stores and restaurants and usually very calm.

Also known as the A-5 anchorage in San Diego Bay. There are technically 3 locations to anchor in San Diego Bay.
A-1 La Playa, A-5 Glorietta Bay and A-9 The Cruisers Anchorage. (The Cruisers Anchorage is only for vessels not using San Diego as their home port. The max stay length is 90 days in 365 and you must renew every 30 days.)
There used to be another location in the South Bay called A-8… but that place got a little weird and crazy, so they shut it down. Hmmmm A-8…Section 8… maybe there’s a correlation.
It really was a strange place though, since it was a long term free anchorage. We saw a massive de-masted catamaran that was being used as a floating junk yard…. boat owners with 4 boats tied together…. other boats that became un-seaworthy and just sank… as well as a two-story, floating strip joint / brothel. (Ok…we didn’t actually see the last one… but it did exist there at one time.)

You can make reservations and obtain info here -> San Diego Bay reservations
But please….if you make a reservation and your plans change, please contact them and cancel your reservation to free up a spot for the rest of us!

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