Beam reach

Summer Sailing in the Pacific

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Some days you just get it right… The wind is perfect, the swell is minimal, the temperature is just right, the music is right… and you’re with the ones that mean the most. Luckily, this happens more often than not.

Beam reach

Volare on that Lean! She loves a good reach.

Sure… we’ve had some really difficult sailing that has left us wondering if we’ve made the correct choice when deciding to live aboard and cruise abroad…but the one thing a really bad sail does… is reassure you that it always gets better. This sailing trip was case in point. This trip was the one where we filmed most of our first Cruising Volare video.

Best seat in the house from the bow pulpit

Downwind sailing under the Asymmetric Spinnaker towards San Diego

We’re fortunate to have a cruising sailboat that will handle the crappy sailing days. You know the ones…. those trips where the boat makes a whole symphony of new and terrifying noises, but in the end, reassures you that those noises are just there to keep you on your toes. The boat can take it.

Downwind towards San Diego with the BigBlue Asymmetric Spinnaker

Flying BigBlue, our Asymmetric Spinnaker

But… no bad sailing stories on this trip… the pictures speak for themselves. A great trip and awesome pictures to prove it.

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