Filter Boss Commander

Install a FilterBoss Commander from KTI Systems

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What things keep you up at night? After working your way to a destination… most people use a motor to get to an anchoring spot (bless you purists that can do it without a motor).

If there was any significant swell offshore you could really have stirred up your tanks. If you have older tanks… what’s the probability that there’s sludge or other crud in you tank… that’s now ready to clog your fuel filter?

If you have enough of a filter clog, you can bet that your motor won’t just quit when its super convenient to you… it’ll quit when you need your motor the most.

How to combat an unannounced filter clog and give yourself piece of mind? Enter the FilterBoss Commander from KTI Systems! The ability to switch from a clogged or clogging filter while underway, to a new, clean, unused filter is priceless! Even at this point… if you need to, you can replace the clogged filter while underway and again, have a new spare filter.

Filter Boss Commander

Filter Boss Commander

We installed one on Volare and have really loved it. Sure… it’s right up there with all your safety gear that you never want to use… but just like a life raft… you have peace of mind that you’re better protected from an unannounced emergency.

The install was straightforward, the documentation was good and the ease of use is perfect.
We highly recommend the FilterBoss Commander from KTI Systems .

Get one… and then we can have an argument over beers about whether to use all your fuel over a season and then fill up… or keep the tanks full at all times after each outing..

For us, we try to keep our tanks topped and we’ve always used PRI-D diesel additive. Knock on wood, we’ve never had a fuel issue in Volare.

Ease of install? 5 out of 10. Install involves running power to unit and tapping into the vessel fuel lines.

Happy boating!

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