Cabo Arch

Cabo San Lucas

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Cabo.. and the end of the Ha Ha.

Cabo Arch

The arch at Cabo

Crossing Tropic of Cancer (Topaz)

Crossing Tropic of Cancer (Topaz)

Michelle’s drink creation, yum

Arrival drink in Cabo

We pulled anchor in Bahia Santa Maria (BSM), at 0630 for our start of Leg 3 to Cabo. Wind was at about 11kts so we hoisted the Monster Blue spinnaker before the start.
..And just like that.. the wind died. So… we stuffed the Monster back into his bag and have been motor sailing every since. Seas are fairly calm with a small following sea.

Monster up, monster down. White sails up.. and down. Really, there’s not much else to do offshore than change sails to see which one works best for the current conditions.

And then… all of a sudden… it got warm. The air and water continue to warm…. and we aren’t even into the Sea of Cortez yet.

We motor-sailed all night as the wind died down. This helps a little with the arrival time, but we’d much rather sail and not listen to the engine.

We arrived in Cabo on 9 November 17! It’s 83° right now and the water temp is 84°. Although we pulled into the marina to complete the Mexican check-in process and reprovision, we plan to check out on the 11th and start a slow journey up to La Paz.

Speaking of the 11th… great respect to all of our veteran friends Jess and I have had the pleasure to serve with. We always remember our friends who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Trip stats:
815nm sailed in 7 days

Fastest speed: 10.6kts surfing with spinnaker

4 nights at anchor
~200 gallons of water produced
~78 gallons of fuel burned

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  1. Hi from Spellbound! Enjoyed seeing your progress via AIS – Love this technology stuff. And fun reading your Blog!
    Will look forward to what you think when you get north of La Paz, where it’s really beautiful!
    Fair winds and cold beer (maybe Margaritas?),
    Dick & Annetta

    1. Author

      Thanks for following! Yes, it’s been a good sail down the coast. It’s really interesting to put all of your systems to test. So far (knock on wood) everything’s worked well.
      The plan is to head up to La Paz and then use it as a provisioning base to cruise from… until the water and air get cold. Then we’ll head south until it warms up! Cheers!

  2. Hello From “Pie in the Sky” Nice to be able to follow you out and see where you are and have been Daily via Where is Volare.
    Happy Vets day to you and yours! Hope to meet up with you in Himalaya bay in May and OCT. “May your rum low level light never illuminate”

    1. Author

      Absolutely! Just as soon as we figure out where we’re going to be for more than a few days in a row!

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