Sea of Cortez map

The First Trip Out

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After washing the boat, re-provisioning, and seeing our friends aboard s/v SeaGlub off for their visit to California, we ventured forth to see what the Sea of Cortez was all about. We have heard wonderful things about this area – the ease of travel, the proximity of beautiful anchorages – and wanted to see it firsthand. We have also heard “It gets cold in the Sea of Cortez in the winter” so we wondered how long we could be out before being driven back to electric heat or the warmer climes of the mainland. SeaGlub planned to be gone for about a month, so off we went to bounce around until their return.


We ended up being out – that is, away from the conveniences of dock power and the city – for 26 days. We experienced serene anchorages, stunning scenery, friendly people, and interesting adventures. One of the most pleasant surprises we experienced is the life that abound on the Baja. We came expecting desert vistas and found green hillsides with numerous types of trees, bushes, cacti, vines, and wildflowers. We also felt “the cold” in a Norther that blew in and kept us hunkered down for days. We got as far north as Loreto and then scurried back to La Paz to beat a second wind event and celebrate the Christmas season. We can now share these adventures and the amazing photos thanks to our return to internet access!


Of note: this trip was aided in all respects by Sea of Cortez, A Cruiser’s Guidebook by Shawn Breeding and Heather Bansmer. We had heard that this guide was spot on from other cruisers and they were right! The photo of the maps included here is courtesy of this guide.  The white dots are places we anchored.  Sometimes twice.

Sea of Cortez map

Sea of Cortez map

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  1. Just amazing to read I can almost picture it… thank you for sharing I am soo happy for you guys. And THE SWEATSHIRT OHHH THAT SWEATSHIRT is sooo adored by me i can barely take it off, i think of you whenever i wear it, much love Kerry

    1. Author

      Hello Kerry! I miss you! Can’t wait until you’re out here sailing with us!

  2. Thank you for making our “vicarious Cruise” possible! Sounds like you are having a great transition into 2018. May it only get better. Looking forward to your continuing reports.

    1. Author

      Hello! We will dearly miss running into you guys in Glorietta Bay and Avalon. We hope you get to do a lot of great sailing! Thanks for following along!

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