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Rocket Dog

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Meet Rocket the Dog…. Rocket Dog!
He’s named rocket because he’s the fastest dog in the west!

Rocket the dog

Rocket the Dog. Fastest dog in the West.

We decided… actually… Jess decided that we needed a dog. She started perusing the local shelter. Somewhere in that scenario, she called and asked me to meet her at the San Diego Humane Society.

I told her… “you know… if I come meet you it means we’re getting a dog … right”?

Now for perspective, the San Diego Humane Society is nice. Really nice. Each dog has his own little hotel room.
We walked around a bit.. looking in the little doggie windows. This one? Nope. That one won’t make eye contact. This one? Nope… he’s currently eating the couch.

When Jess first saw our future 7 month old puppy… he was standing in the window barking. A definite no-go. But then I had a look. Yes he was barking… but I think he was yelling…

Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

I gave him a second look.. .asked Jess to take a second look… and before we knew it we were sitting in his room. Instant bond. He picked us… and that was the beginning of the absolutely most amazing puppy ever.

Rocket is now 9 years old and loves sailing. He looses his mind when we grab the boat key.

He has the ability to bark himself silly as we tack upwind… or just chill, looking out his little aft gate window, heading downwind. Either way.. he loves sailing, swimming and everything fetch.

Rocket Dog. Super Puppy.

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