Valve behind the wall

Install water recirculation valve

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So we can make water… See our Spectra water maker install here -> Volare Spectra Water Maker

Valve behind the wall

Finished water re-circulation valve

But like most tiny home living… having a limited quantity of water or a limited capacity to produce more water causes you to really think about things differently.

One day Jess was about to take a shower. We use the forward head for our showers. She turned on the water and waited for it to warm up. Then the thought occurred to her that she was really wasting a lot of water. Later she measured how much water had to cycle through the shower head before the warm water got there. One gallon of wasted water? For us, that equals also one amp hour as well.
So do the math. Two people. Two showers. Two gallons a day wasted.

2 gallons a day 2 Ah a day
60 gallons a month 60 Ah a month
730 gallons a year 730 Ah a year

This is all simple math with many other variables… but you get the picture.

Solution to water savings on a tiny home /boat?

We added a valve near the shower head to return the ‘not yet hot’ water to the tank. As simple as that. Turn the valve for a 10 seconds. The ‘not yet hot’ water flows from the valve back to the tank. Shut off the valve and now you have hot water near the shower head.

Water Re-circulation Valve

Water Re-circulation Valve

It was pretty simple to build. The only difficult part was stuffing all the fittings/valve/lines behind the wall and then adding a tap to the top of your main water tank.

Fit the valve behind the wall

Stuffing the whole water re-circulation valve into the wall

Ease of project? 2 out of 10

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